Vet giving cat annual pet check up

Annual pet check-up: A vital step before the festive season

As the summer holidays approach, many pet owners are gearing up for holidays, family gatherings, or festive celebrations. Amidst the hustle and bustle, it’s crucial not to overlook the wellbeing of our furry companions. Scheduling an annual pet check-up before the holiday rush can ensure a worry-free and healthy season for your beloved pets.


Why book an annual pet check-up for the holiday season?

1. Ensuring general health for their kennel or cattery stay

Before entrusting your pet to a kennel or cattery during your holiday travels, it’s essential to ensure they are in optimal health. An annual check-up will provide:

  • A general health assessment: A thorough examination covers weight, vaccinations, dental health, skin, and mobility, detecting potential issues early on.
    Please note: There is currently a global cat vaccination shortage. Speak to your cattery about how this impacts your pet’s stay.
  • Parasite prevention: Regular check-ups enable preventive measures against fleas, ticks, and worms, safeguarding your pet during their communal stay.
  • Dietary considerations: Discussing nutritional needs addresses potential dietary challenges, ensuring your pet receives the right nutrients away from home.
  • A behavioural assessment: Identifying and managing stress-related behaviours creates a more positive experience for your pet in the kennel or cattery.
  • Personalised care plan: Tailoring care to your pet’s unique needs guarantees individualised attention and optimal wellbeing during their time away.

This comprehensive approach ensures your pet is protected and receives personalised care, enhancing their overall health and happiness during their holiday stay.


2. Senior pets: Extra care in warmer weather

The warmer months can be particularly challenging for senior pets. Heat sensitivity, joint issues, and other age-related concerns can intensify during summer. A thorough health check can address these issues, ensuring your older pets are comfortable and safe.


3. Microchipping for fireworks safety

The festive season often brings fireworks, a source of stress for many pets. Microchipping provides a reliable way to reunite with your furry friend if they escape and go missing. This simple precaution can make a significant difference in the safety of your pet during the holiday festivities.

If your pet is already microchipped, it’s essential to keep the details on it up to date. Our team can help you by scanning the chip for the ID number if you do not have it to check the details.

How often should your pet see the vet?

Regular veterinary check-ups are the cornerstone of preventive pet care. In addition to the annual visit, it’s recommended to consult with your vet at least once every six months, especially for senior pets. These routine check-ups allow for early detection of potential health issues, keeping your pet happy and healthy.


Book your pet’s annual check-up now for a stress-free holiday season

Don’t let the holiday rush catch you off guard. Booking your pet’s annual check-up now ensures that their health needs are met before the chaos of Christmas and New Year’s Eve begins. Beat the festive frenzy and give your pet the gift of good health this season.

If your pet is on medication, please ensure you have enough for the holiday season. Our vets can only provide a repeat of your pet’s prescription if we have seen them in the last six months. Booking in to see us beforehand will help ensure you stay supplied and can secure an appointment if we have limited staff over the holidays.

Prioritise pet wellness for a joyful holiday season

This holiday season, make pet wellness a top priority. From general health check-ups to microchipping for added safety, taking these steps in advance can make a world of difference for your furry family members.

Book online or call Lort Smith on 03 9328 3021 to schedule your pet’s annual check-up today and embark on the holidays with peace of mind, knowing they are in the best possible health.