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Companion Newsletter – Winter Edition

The winter edition of our Companion newsletter is out now and filled with tales from inside our Hospitals and Adoption Centre that will just warm your heart.


A special update: Sooty’s happy ending

Last winter, Sooty was on his daily walk with his family when he was suddenly attacked by another dog. Mark, Sooty’s owner, rushed him to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital where he learned that Sooty’s wounds required extensive treatment. But with a young family to feed, Mark was struggling to make ends meet.

Thankfully, Sooty had a good prognosis and Mark met the criteria to access the donor-funded Pets In Need program which covered a portion of the costs of Sooty’s treatment. Thanks to the generosity of Lort Smith supporters and the expert care of dedicated vets and nurses, Sooty has fully recovered from his injuries and is back at home playing with baby Jamie. According to Mark, the pair grow closer every day.

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Little Paws of the North: Ensuring the health of our feline friends

Our feline friends are beloved members of the family and we always want what’s best for them but it can sometimes be expensive, that’s why we started running the Little Paws of the North Desexing Program – a program we are running in partnership with City of Whittlesea and Hume City Council to provide affordable care for your pet cats.

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Pet frogs leave a lasting impression

Wanda Barry and Bonk were three wonderful Eastern Banjo Frogs, a part of a quirky Instagram family called Sticky Frogs that bring joy to tens of thousands of people online. But they have also made a difference to Lort Smith in our hospital.

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This and so much more, all thanks to the kindness and generosity of our supporters.

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