Dr Shallan aims to use her scholarship to increase non-invasive diagnostics expertise

Dr Alan Lawther was renowned as an excellent surgeon across Melbourne’s veterinary community.

He worked at Lort Smith over many years and was instrumental in the building of the current hospital in 2000. Dr Lawther was extremely supportive of professional staff developing and advancing their skills in all areas.

Each year, a scholarship is awarded annually to a vet and/or vet nurse to enhance their veterinary skills. This year Dr Shallan Biddle was awarded the Dr Alan Lawther scholarship.

Dr Shallan graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2008, and joined Lort Smith in 2018. At home she has a beautiful rescue cat called Dazzle, who she once brought in at midnight to donate blood for a patent in need!

Dr Shallan will utilise the scholarship to achieve the Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Ultrasound at the University of Melbourne.

“Ultrasound is a passion of mine that I developed through my work in a busy small animal practise on the Mornington Peninsula and further fostered during my medical internship and Membership studies,” said Dr Shallan.

“There is a tremendous benefit in always furthering my knowledge; it directly benefits patients in my care and I can also pass on new knowledge to staff in my team,” she added.

Dr Shallan chose to hone her skills in this non-invasive, rapid diagnostics to help increase Lort Smith client’s access to this service. Currently there are limited staff with the required knowledge and skill in this area.

Her studies will increase Lort Smith’s capacity to perform ultrasounds; allowing for faster diagnostics.

“This will have the flow on effect of quicker resolutions, happier clients, more staff availability and more bed availability,” said Dr Shallan, adding,

“Lort Smith values include care, compassion, quality and affordability. Providing ultrasound diagnostics encompasses care and compassion to the pet in regards to non-invasive and rapid diagnostics.”

Dr Shallan will complete her studies in 2021. Congratulations Dr Shallan!