Heidi – the amazing tiny survivor of two dog attacks

The iconic Melbourne institution, Lort Smith this week has launched its newest appeal in the lead up to Christmas to raise much-needed funds to save animals such as Heidi.

Lort Smith CEO, Fiona Webster describes how, “Heidi arrived at Lort Smith with an extensive list of injuries as a result of a severe dog attack. Her experience left her with a large wound on her back, a dislocated hip and deep bite marks all over her tiny body.

“These injuries are in addition to a range of other medical issues this sweet little dog has had to live with — losing an eye from a previous dog attack, being lame from a torn cruciate ligament, and having a mouth full of rotten teeth.

“As soon as Heidi came into our care, our team immediately got to work administering pain relief, cleaning her wounds and creating a plan for the surgeries she would need once she became stable,” she said.

It’s hard to imagine how an animal like Heidi must feel when they come into care. As supporters of Lort Smith know, when there is a sick, injured or vulnerable animal, Lort Smith doesn’t just stitch them up and send them on their way. Lort Smith cares for animals holistically, addressing their immediate health needs, but also looking at ways to prevent any long-term issues arising.

“Heidi did not wag her tail once the entire time she was in hospital, no matter how much attention or cuddles she received. She just sat at the back of her enclosure with her head down. It was heartbreaking to see this tiny dog look so defeated,” said Ms Webster.

“We knew the only way for her to recover from her trauma would be to provide her with a safe space, somewhere she could be showered with love and attention, and shown that she no longer had to be afraid.

“Heidi has been savagely attacked twice in her life – the first time, she lost an eye. This time, she lost her spirit. But at Lort Smith we will not give up on an animal that can be saved or rehomed. Heidi fought back and our vets and nurses helped her to recover, and ultimately find a new loving home.

“Her story and spirit represents the work of Lort Smith for the past 84 years. This is why Heidi is the face of our Christmas and New Year appeal and we are sharing Heidi’s story over the coming weeks,” said Ms Webster.

Donations can be made to Lort Smith at: lortsmith.com/donate.