Help us clear the cattery

With the warmer spring weather just around the corner, we need to clear the cattery to make way for the annual “kitten season” influx which is soon to arrive.

Lort Smith Adoption Centre General Manager Serena Horg said any cat aged six months and over is considered an adult cat and all cats have been given full health checks.

“Older cats can be a fantastic option for people looking to adopt a companion animal. There are many benefits of bypassing the ‘kitten-stage’ – you can usually see an adult cat’s true personality and they are generally already litter trained and tend to settle more easily, she said.

Until 31 July, adoption fees for adult cats have been reduced to just $50 (from $115), which includes:

  • Desexing
  • Vaccination
  • Microchipping
  • Treatment for intestinal worms and fleas
  • FIV testing
  • A 14-day health guarantee for shelter related issues
  • Adoption booklet.

Mature cats find themselves at Lort Smith for a variety of reasons: some are surrendered because their owner is unwell and wants to ensure they are taken care of; some whose owners have had to go into aged care; and some that have medical issues, whose owners don’t feel they can provide the care needed.

“Although there is a reduced adoption fee, normal adoption criteria still apply,” Serena said.

“We take the adoption process very seriously, taking the time to ensure the animal suits the person’s lifestyle and needs, and similarly ensuring the needs of the animal are met.”

View the lovel older cats available for adoption now.