Lort Smith launches world’s best practice Adoption Hub

Iconic Melbourne not-for-profit institution, Lort Smith, today unveiled its Adoption Hub set to redefine animal adoption centres in Australia. The facility, officially opened by The Right Honourable Robert Doyle, Lord Mayor of Melbourne, sets a new benchmark in animal adoption services in Australia.

No longer confined to cages, the new Adoption Hub provides a safe haven for surrendered animals where they can freely play and let their true personalities shine. The Adoption Hub offers an interactive environment for the animals and public alike including child height “viewing bubbles” and a catwalk that protrudes into the reception space.

Lort Smith CEO David Herman said the Adoption Hub is inspired by world’s best practice adoption centres, and more than 12 months of research has gone into developing the facility.

“Global best practice indicates a non-incarcerated environment is less stressful on animals, improving their health and happiness. This is a quantum step forward for animal adoption in Australia and will represent a systematic shift in Australian animal adoption practice.

“The Adoption Hub is a new approach in animal adoption, and supports Lort Smith’s commitment to rehome the many animals surrendered to us each year, including the difficult cases who might otherwise not be given a second chance,” said Mr Herman.

The Adoption Hub is a unique multi-faceted space, supported by digital screens providing information to visitors ranging from Adoption Profiles to animal health and wellbeing advice and responsible pet ownership. The facility will showcase a range of interactive features appealing to prospective adopters whilst creating a relaxed, positive and fun environment for the animals in need of a loving home.

The Lort Smith Adoption Hub is home to Melbourne’s newest runway, the cat ‘Catwalk’, a clear perspex tunnel extending from its communal cat room into the reception area of the Adoption Hub. Adult cats can now strut, pose, purr and pout with a bird’s eye view of the Adoption Hub.

Meanwhile, man’s best friend won’t miss out on all the fun. Puppies and dogs are able to play, roam and muck around in the new spacious and communal dog yards. Prospective adopters can meet the pooches and see how they interact in the open, spacious and relaxed environment.

Bugs Bunny will even be jealous of the small animal enclosure. Big fluffy bunnies are free to hop around, nuzzle amongst hay and chow down on delicious carrots. Potential owners are also welcomed to meet one-on-one.

This year Lort Smith celebrates 81 years since opening its doors in 1936. Lort Smith operates Australia’s largest and busiest Animal Hospital together with an Adoption Centre and Community Outreach Programs.