Meet Viola, Winner of the Dr Alan Lawther Scholarship for 2021

Today, 31 March 2022, Dr Viola Wynne-Hoelscher was formally presented with the Dr Alan Lawther Scholarship for 2021.

The scholarship honours the memory and enormous contribution over 40 years that veterinarian and exceptional surgeon, Dr. Alan Lawther, made to Lort Smith. He was well loved for his humility, love for animals and wicked sense of humour…don’t ask about the banana story!

He was also passionate about teaching and supporting professional staff developing their skills and knowledge. To this end, a significant financial scholarship is offered each year to a promising Lort Smith veterinarian and/or vet nurse to develop their skills and knowledge.

Dr Viola is putting the scholarship funds towards obtaining membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) – Small Animal Surgery Chapter. Her improved knowledge will mean she is able to conduct more complex surgeries on cats and dogs and achieve better outcomes for the animals. She also plans to share her knowledge with others in the veterinary department.

On officially receiving the award, Viola responded saying that she appreciated that not many workplaces give opportunities like this, and that it helps her to give back to Lort Smith.

Four of Dr Lawther’s children attended today’s ceremony, as well CEO Jennifer Fleming and Jenn Donaldson, Business Manager Campbellfield.