Providing support to animals affected by Australian bushfires

The Lort Smith team and community are incredibly saddened by the level of devastation caused by the bushfires across our beloved country. Our hearts break as the loss of life, both human and animal, continues to increase.

At a time when most Australians are enjoying their summer and spending time with their loved ones, we are instead experiencing a nation-wide destruction like never before.

Hundreds of thousands of animals have perished and so many are injured. If you wish to make a financial donation, Lort Smith encourages you to support:

  • Vets For Compassion – highly trained vets and vet professionals volunteering to assist domestic, wildlife and farm animals. Donations will be used for medication, materials, animal feed and emergency fuel/supplies.
  • Zoos Victoria – Zoos Victoria vets are currently on the ground in East Gippsland providing veterinary support and assessment. Funds will go towards ensuring long-term care for bushfire impacted animals, including endangered species.

Should you find wildlife in distress:

  • Lort Smith is open between 8:30am – midnight. We have a dedicated team of emergency vets and nurses who specifically treat emergency cases during opening hours. Ph: 03 9328 3021.
  • Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville Sanctuary – animal drop-off between 9am-4pm. Specialist veterinary care for injured or unwell wildlife. Ph: 03 5957 2829.

Please note that Lort Smith is not collecting emergency bushfire donations (financial or physical). Monetary support for animals in affected areas is currently needed most.

Lort Smith is actively supporting the efforts of Vets for Compassion. We are helping to ensure they are supplied with essential medications, animal feed and materials.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the bushfires, as well as the brave firefighters of whom we are so proud of.