Supporting your pets to adjust post-COVID

The iconic Melbourne institution, Lort Smith this week has shared advice to help dogs and their carers cope with the change in routine as many start to return to work post-COVID-19.

Lort Smith is concerned that “pandemic pets” who have joined people or families during lockdown may begin to suffer if carers don’t help them to adjust to a new normal.

CEO, Fiona Webster said, “We are focused on responsible pet ownership and preserving the human-animal bond. Our dogs have had a routine with us being around and working from home all day, to soon being one without us much of the day, and a very different schedule.”

Although time spent with pets may have been beneficial during lockdown, the actions of some pets who suffer separation anxiety may start to cause tension in the relationships if they begin to act out.

Behaviours such as chewing on furniture, digging up gardens, barking, defecating inside or other undesirable actions may start to occur. Lort Smith experts advise that now is the time, with people starting to return to work – to take action to help our pets adjust gradually to the change in routine.

“The way to combat separation anxiety and help our dogs adjust to being at home alone needs to start early, before the full return to work routine happens. Very sudden changes in routine for our dogs especially can cause them to suffer,” she added.

Ms Webster advised, “To assist people with managing the adjustment Lort Smith has put together a short webinar with advice and key tips from our dog behaviourist Mia Shaw.

“We want people to continue to enjoy the close bond they have had with their pet during these challenging COVID times. If people have taken the opportunity to gain a new puppy they may not have been able to access training during lockdown and their new pet may need some support to adjust,” she said.

Lort Smith can provide advice and tailored webinars for organisations wanting to support their people to transition their pets when they return to work. Dog training sessions will also recommence onsite as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Lort Smith Dog Behaviourist Mia Shaw shares tips and training techniques to help prepare our pets for a post-COVID world.

Download our handy factsheet on preparing our pets for a post covid-19 world.

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