Every pet counts: Contribute to Victoria’s first pet census

Our pets are treasured members of the community, yet historically there has been a knowledge gap about their needs from a state level. This is why the Victorian government is paving the way by launching the nation’s first ever Pet Census. A short, online survey collecting key insights to build a clear snapshot of pet ownership in Victoria.


Why is this important?

Pet ownership in Victoria is on the rise. According to survey data from Animal Medicines Australia, Victoria saw an 8% increase since the pandemic began, meaning 69% of us have an animal companion to care for.

The pet census is a great opportunity for pet owners from across the state to share their insights, opinions, and experiences. This information will help shape the future for pets and their owners by improving pet welfare through better resources, facilities, and services in the community.

The Minister for Agriculture, Gayle Tierney says The Victorian Pet Census will gather vital information which will help shape the next generation of pet and animal welfare reforms.”


What will you be asked?

The survey asks a variety of questions about owners and their animals, including:

  • The types and number of pets you own
  • The main reasons you decided to get a pet, or decided not to
  • The challenges and rewards of owning a pet
  • How you take care of your pet (including services and costs)
  • Your understanding of laws relating to responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.


How to participate

Delivered by Animal Welfare Victoria, the pet census is available for all Victorians via an online survey. It launched on Monday July 3rd and takes about 15 minutes to complete. To participate, click here or head to the Animal Welfare Victoria website and follow the prompts. The survey closes Friday 28th July.

The pet census wants to know about all types of pets, not just cats and dogs. So, if you have a fish, frog, reptile, bird, or insect as your companion please share your insights. Don’t have any pets? You can still participate! Your experiences and attitudes are important too.


How will the pet census data help Lort Smith?

The data published from the pet census will provide us with valued information to shape the way we support pets and pet owners in the future.

Soon our new North Melbourne hospital will be open to the community, a modern, state-of-the-art facility that has been designed with the comfort and wellbeing of animals front of mind. This is a crucial step in Lort Smith’s commitment to providing expert animal healthcare and wellbeing services now and in the years to come.

Accurate information about the animals we can help underpins this, which is why clear, reliable and standardised data is a critical foundation for how we service the community. The pet census will help us to continue to refine and tailor how we deliver our services and support you and your pet’s needs.