Welfare Grooming

Lort Smith welcomes the news that under current restrictions, authorised animal grooming providers are now able to conduct welfare grooms for customers within their 5km radius. Mobile pet grooming services that can be undertaken in a contactless manner and operate solely outdoors are also permitted to operate.

Welfare grooming is a necessity for some domestic pets due to their coat or condition. Failure to groom some dogs can result in serious welfare problems such as severe and painful matting, skin issues, ear infections, body-temperature regulation and other health problems. Welfare grooming differs from grooming that is done for cosmetic purposes.

For more details on welfare grooming (including cats) please view the Grooming Guidelines: Welfare Grooming  document.

Before booking an appointment with your groomer, please use the below checklist to determine whether your dog qualifies for a welfare groom. If a dog does not meet at least one of these criteria, a welfare groom will not be able to be performed under the current guidelines.

  • Significant matting that limits their mobility due to matts pulling on the skin.
  • For a list of breeds requiring welfare grooming, please read the Grooming Guidelines.
  • Excess matting around the sanitary areas that may cause the animal to be unable to properly toilet.
  • Matting around the ears, eyes and paws.
  • Where a dog has overgrown nails.

Please note: Lort Smith does not provide grooming services. If you are in need of grooming services, please search online for a groomer within 5kms of your home.