North Melbourne FAQs

Lort Smith Animal Hospital in North Melbourne has reached the limits of animals and people we can serve.

After 85 years it needs to evolve so we can continue to deliver world-class care and the redevelopment of Villiers Street will deliver more space to treat and heal your animals.

The new hospital and clinic will include an expanded intensive care unit and more operating rooms, separate clinic areas for dogs and cats to reduce anxiety, an exotics hub with dedicated treatment rooms… and so much more.

There are changes to the location of reception, access to the car park and staff areas.

Construction also means noise, which may affect you and your animals. We are monitoring it closely and will send you alerts if what’s happening is likely to impact your visit.

If you’re not sure where to go, or are worried about how construction might impact your or your animal, please ask our staff.

Parking is extremely limited during the building works. Please allow extra time for parking, and if possible come with someone else who can drop you and your animal off and go park the car.


Call reception with any queries about your appointment on 03 9328 3021.

Specific information about what’s happening that might impact you will go out via text messages,. General updates will appear on our social media, in the newsletter, on the redevelopment web page and via local community letterbox drops.

Campbellfield Centre FAQs

After 85 years in our North Melbourne home, Lort Smith is reaching its limits of the number of people and animals we can provide with world-class care, this means we need to grow.

We will be refurbishing and extending our North Melbourne site, and have opened a new second site – Lort Smith Campbellfield.

Our new second site is home to our Adoption Centre and enables us to provide better facilities for animals waiting to be adopted, and community veterinary services that are more accessible to people living in the northern and western growth corridors.

Our second site is a custom built centre. Lort Smith Campbellfield offers appointments for your pet’s routine care such as:

  • vaccinations
  • health checks
  • behaviour advice
  • desexing day surgery
  • dental day surgery
  • minor day surgery.

This is also the new home of the Lort Smith Adoption Centre, where you can meet animals looking for a new home.

Specialised services such as accident and emergency, critical care, and overnight care will not be available at Lort Smith Campbellfield, but will continue to be provided at our North Melbourne site.

Lort Smith Campbellfield is located at 25-35 Berwick Road, Campbellfield, just off the Hume Highway. Our second site offers ample free onsite parking.

Lort Smith Campbellfield offers preventative care and day surgery for cats and dogs, and preventative care for rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs.

Our exotics vets will continue to provide services from North Melbourne and we recommend that exotic animals including reptiles, birds, and injured wildlife continue to be seen at North Melbourne.

We do not offer services for large animals, such as farm animals.

All consultations at Lort Smith Campbellfield will require an appointment.

Call 9328 3021 to make an appointment at Lort Smith Campbellfield.

If you do not have an appointment and need urgent care, please attend Lort Smith Animal Hospital North Melbourne.

Yes. Lort Smith Animal Hospital North Melbourne will continue to provide routine care by appointment, as well as additional hospital services including:

  • accident and emergency
  • intensive care unit – around-the-clock care for critically sick animals
  • overnight stays.

To adopt an animal you will need to visit our second site Lort Smith Campbellfield where our new Adoption Centre has been relocated.

Yes, you can attend either site.

Lort Smith uses a single record system, so your vet can see your pet’s medical history of care provided at both our sites.

Lort Smith North Melbourne has an emergency department that provides overnight care, and is best equipped to assist you in an emergency.

Occasionally there will be times when an animal seen at Lort Smith Campbellfield will require overnight hospitalisation. If this is the case, you will need to transfer your pet to a hospital that offers this service.

You may choose to transfer to Lort Smith North Melbourne or another animal hospital able to provide overnight care for unstable or complex conditions.

Lort Smith is committed to ensuring our services remain affordable, while also providing quality care and options to extend the healthy life of animals. Our pricing, discount policy and payment plans (OpenPay) are consistent across both sites so regardless of whether you visit Campbellfield or North Melbourne the charges are the same.

Lort Smith North Melbourne has an emergency department that provides overnight care, and is best equipped to assist you in an emergency.

What if I have an emergency and am closer to Lort Smith Campbellfield?

If you attend Campbellfield and your animal requires a service that is not available, you will be referred to Lort Smith North Melbourne or the nearest emergency service.

You will be responsible for transporting your pet to your preferred care provider.

If your pet needs to be transferred:

  • If you choose to transfer to Lort Smith North Melbourne, you will be responsible for transferring your pet and to be with them at admission.
  • We will call ahead to the hospital team taking over your care to let them know what has happened so far.
  • Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. In the event that your pet’s condition deteriorates and needs to be transferred to a higher level of care, you will be referred to Lort Smith North Melbourne or the nearest service that has the capacity to manage the care of your animal.
  • If you choose to transfer to another animal hospital, you will be responsible for transporting your pet to your preferred care provider.

Not all people are able to provide the ongoing medical care or rehabilitation their pets require, and may need to surrender their pet.

Lort Smith has a commitment to never euthanise an animal capable of being rehomed.

If you need to surrender your pet, please speak to our Adoption Centre staff who can advise you of the process. The surrender of healthy animals will occur at Lort Smith Campbellfield, the new home of our Adoption Centre.

In some cases where an animal is receiving complex medical care at Lort Smith North Melbourne and you feel unable to support their recovery, a surrender may be coordinated with your vet.