Hi everyone, my name is Taylor Swift

Hi all,

That’s right I am nicknamed Taylor Swift, as when I play can give you a cheeky wack in a flash, not nasty just all in fun. I have another trick where I lure you in to rub my belly, then…. gotcha I go in for the bear hug and the kicks. So as you can see little kids are not going to be happy with this behaviour, so best I stick with teenagers or adults who understand cheekiness. I have come from another agency so my history with other animals is unknown. The staff recognise that I start off shy, but once I feel comfortable you will see my sweet side. I am still a baby so I will need plenty of fun things to do. If you feel I could fit into your life, please do an online expression of interest. Hope to see you soon!


Adopting an animal

Adopting an animal is a rewarding experience that will last a lifetime. But before you adopt a pet please take some time to consider the commitment you are about to make. Sometimes the excitement of pet ownership can overshadow factors that should be considered before adoption.

Adopting a shelter pet is a lifelong decision that will have a major impact to your normal, everyday life. Please remember that a cat or dog can live for up to 20 years and they will rely only on you for their wellbeing for their entire life.

  • Do I have time to exercise the dog every day?
  • Do I have time for puppy pre-school and time to socialise a puppy?
  • Do I have at least an hour every day to spend with my cat?
  • Do I have time for obedience training?
  • If renting, does the landlord permit pets?
  • Is the backyard big enough and is the fencing secure?
  • Does the whole family want a pet?
  • Will the pet be allowed inside?
  • Will I have to move interstate or overseas in the foreseeable future?
  • Will I have to move to another rental property where the landlord may not allow pets.

Pets are a lifelong monetary commitment, you will need to factor in:

  • Weekly animal food bills and necessities
  • Yearly council registration
  • Monthly medications like heart worm/intestinal worm and flea treatments
  • Annual vet visits for vaccinations and check ups
  • Unexpected vet bills due to accidents or medical conditions
  • Ongoing grooming
  • Boarding fees for human holidays
  • Enrichment like training, toys etc