All animals are admitted by appointment only, when space becomes available. This is due to the unpredictable rate of adoptions and available space. The time to admit your animal may vary from a few days to several weeks.

We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family. Our preference is to always try to keep people and their pets together. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to try a few steps before making the final decision to surrender your pet.

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Our main priority is to find a happy, suitable and loving home for each and every animal that comes into our care. This is why our surrender process can be lengthy. It is important that we obtain as much information as possible from you about your pet. The surrender process can take up to 45 minutes so please allow yourself enough time.

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Every animal surrendered into our care will be given a thorough medical examination, as well as having their behaviour assessed.

It is very important to note that we are not able to guarantee an adoption outcome for every animal and this will be dependent on the medical and temperament testing outcomes. We will be able to discuss this further with you at your appointment time.

Rest assured, we will never euthanise an animal capable of being rehomed.

For privacy purposes, once your pet has been surrendered into our care, we are unable to provide you with details of its adopter.

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