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Autumn Companion Newsletter

The Autumn Companion newsletter is here, filled with wonderful stories from inside the walls of Lort Smith, thanks to our amazing community of supporters.

Surrendered kitten gets a fresh start

At just two months old, Pluto arrived at Lort Smith’s Emergency Department after a 1.25kg weight was accidentally dropped on her leg… Read more

Rescued wombats commute for care in the big city

Arthur the wombat was first found wandering alone on the side of a road. He was underweight, distressed and in need of urgent care. It looked like Arthur had been in a fight with another animal… Read more

Top tips for your pet’s dental care with Dr Julie

Getting your pet to cooperate with regular dental hygiene is sometimes tricky, but just like humans, it is vital for their well-being. Thankfully, there is a range of options to help keep your pet’s smile healthy and bright. Read more

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