Noodle needed urgent veterinary care

The Walsh family was enjoying a festive family barbecue to celebrate the end of a long, challenging year. Jan and her husband had been working two jobs each to stay afloat and were using this rare break to unwind with family.

Suddenly, they noticed Noodle, their rescue Greyhound, was behaving strangely. He seemed tired and disoriented, drinking water repeatedly.

Concerned for his health, the family frantically searched the house for clues. There, they made a startling discovery: An empty Christmas pudding wrapper in Noodle’s bed.

The pudding contained chocolate and sultanas, ingredients that are toxic for dogs. The Walsh family knew their dog was in grave danger.

They rushed Noodle to Lort Smith’s Accident and Emergency Department for help.

Many distressed families like Noodle’s come through our doors, fearing the worst for their beloved pets. The holidays are meant to be a time to decompress and enjoy some quality time with our loved ones, but things can change instantly. Sadly, many are faced with difficult decisions about their cherished pets.

Already cost-constrained, Noodle’s family was afraid of what would happen next. Could they afford Noodle’s treatment? Would this unexpected bill tip them over the edge? Or would they have to surrender their beloved Greyhound?

Fortunately, the Walsh family was eligible to have part of their vet care funded by donations. Noodle’s treatment was a success, and with close monitoring from the dedicated veterinary team, he fully recovered.

The festive season is a busy time for our hospital, clinics and shelter. As people are winding down and taking their well-earned breaks, accidents can happen, and circumstances can change.

Last year, during the week of the holiday period, while most vet clinics were closed, Lort Smith treated over 400 animals. Almost 90% of these patients were emergencies, ranging from ingested toxic foods to critical injuries from dog fights.

Thanks to kind donations, we can keep our doors open 365 days a year for pets and their people, but we need your help.

Make a donation today to help pets and their families receive the urgent care they need this festive season.

The Lort Smith Animal Hospital is a not-for-profit organisation without ongoing government funding. Thanks to the generosity and support from the community we serve, Lort Smith can provide essential veterinary care and support animal welfare. Lort Smith is for everyone.

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