Hi everyone, my name is Uma

Introducing Uma, the lovable boofhead with a heart of gold and a tale to tell! Uma’s had her fair share of rough patches, but she’s bounced back with grace, and a few battle scars to prove it.

Uma’s superpower is patience. She’ll sit there, giving you the saddest puppy-dog eyes imaginable, until you finally cave and give her the love and attention she deserves. And trust us, it’s hard to resist those eyes!

She’s a social butterfly, a real people person (or should we say “people-pooch”), and she’s not afraid to show it. Uma’s favorite pastime includes getting the most epic all-over body rubs. It’s like a spa day, but better because you get to hang out with Uma.

Uma is an excellent observer of life’s little moments. She’ll happily watch the world go by and join you on a good walk. Not to mention, she’s a connoisseur of playtime. She’s got some signature moves – play bows, zoomies, and jowl flopping included! Uma can make a great addition to your family, and she would shine best either by herself (star of the show!) or with a calm, confident dog of similar size.

So, if you’re in need of a loyal, loving, and slightly goofy companion, Uma is your gal. She’s been through it all and still has so much love to give. Give Uma a chance, and she’ll fill your life with laughter, love, and a few unforgettable jowl flops. Please complete a expression of interest form.


Adopting an animal

Adopting an animal is a rewarding experience that will last a lifetime. But before you adopt a pet please take some time to consider the commitment you are about to make. Sometimes the excitement of pet ownership can overshadow factors that should be considered before adoption.

Adopting a shelter pet is a lifelong decision that will have a major impact to your normal, everyday life. Please remember that a cat or dog can live for up to 20 years and they will rely only on you for their wellbeing for their entire life.

  • Do I have time to exercise the dog every day?
  • Do I have time for puppy pre-school and time to socialise a puppy?
  • Do I have at least an hour every day to spend with my cat?
  • Do I have time for obedience training?
  • If renting, does the landlord permit pets?
  • Is the backyard big enough and is the fencing secure?
  • Does the whole family want a pet?
  • Will the pet be allowed inside?
  • Will I have to move interstate or overseas in the foreseeable future?
  • Will I have to move to another rental property where the landlord may not allow pets.

Pets are a lifelong monetary commitment, you will need to factor in:

  • Weekly animal food bills and necessities
  • Yearly council registration
  • Monthly medications like heart worm/intestinal worm and flea treatments
  • Annual vet visits for vaccinations and check ups
  • Unexpected vet bills due to accidents or medical conditions
  • Ongoing grooming
  • Boarding fees for human holidays
  • Enrichment like training, toys etc