Intestinal worms

Along with vaccinations and flea control, intestinal worm prevention is one of the basic preventative health treatments every pet should be given on a regular basis.

Pets with a worm burden, especially puppies and kittens, typically show signs of poor growth, have a pot-bellied appearance and may develop vomiting or diarrhoea. You won’t necessarily see worms in your pet’s faeces when they have a worm infection.

Pets that are infected with intestinal worms can also potentially cause zoonotic infections. A zoonotic infection is one which can be passed from animals to humans so it is important to ensure your pet is healthy and worm-free.

There is a variety of worming preparations for cats and dogs. Monthly liquid applications that can be applied on the skin are available, as well as tablets that can be given orally. There are also many combination treatments that will treat other parasites such as heartworm and fleas. Our dispensary or veterinary staff will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate treatment for your pet.

Lort Smith