At Lort Smith we believe every animal deserves a good quality of life which means keeping our general vet fees among the lowest in Victoria.

We offer a 15% discount on veterinary services* for Health Care and Pension Card holders.

* Excludes microchips, medication, food, and consumable products.

Payment plans with Openpay

We offer payment plans to customers who are experiencing financial hardship. Payment plans can cover veterinary costs such as diagnostics, treatment, in-hospital stays, and surgery. Plans are offered interest-free via our partner Openpay.

Openpay is a modern-day payment plan, which allows pet carers to obtain treatment for their pets today and pay for the vet bill over a timeline that suits their lifestyle.

To learn more and download the Openpay app.

If your animal requires care, and you are concerned about the cost of obtaining treatment, please contact our customer services team on 03 9328 3021 to discuss the options available to you.

Consult fees

Prices are listed below and vary based on the day of the week and length of the consult. Health Care and Pension Card holders are entitled to discounted consult fees, but the card must be produced at each visit, and no backdating of discounts can be applied.

Standard consultations are approximately 15 minutes. These are straightforward appointments, e.g. teeth checks, and single problems.
Complex consultations are approximately 30 minutes. These are for more complex issues, e.g. multiple problems, elderly animals, and ear problems.

We cannot give quotes over the phone for x-rays, dental, CT scans, and other medical procedures. Second opinion (30 min) and Dental estimate consults (15 min) are appointments before booking these procedures.

Consultations by appointment Standard Health Care/Pension Card
Standard $78.00 $66.30
Complex $127.00 $107.95
Revisit standard $60.00 $51.00
Revisit complex $105.00 $89.25
Dental estimate consult $78.00 $66.30
Second opinion consult $127.00 $107.95
Standard $94.00 $79.90
Complex $162.00 $137.70
Revisit standard $76.00 $64.60
Revisit complex $126.00 $107.10
Dental estimate consult $94.00 $79.90
Second opinion consult $162.00 $137.70
Emergency consultations Standard Health Care/Pension Card
Emergency Consult $175.00 $148.75

Desexing fees

Our desexing fees are very competitive. Lort Smith also provides discounts and participates in the council-issued desexing voucher program. These vouchers entitle eligible low-income pet carers to an additional subsidy on the price charged for cat/dog desexing.

Let us know if you have a desexing voucher when you book your pet’s appointment and remember to bring it with you at the time of admission. Lort Smith will charge you the subsidised fee and bill your council for the balance.

All desexing fees include a buster collar and pain relief.

Desexing Standard Health Care/Pension Card
Castrate cat $156.00 $132.60
Spey cat $242.00 $205.70
Castrate dog $324.00 $275.40
Spey dog <10kg $346.00 $294.10
Spey dog 10-20kg $374.00 $317.90
Spey dog 20-30kg $408.00 $346.80
Spey dog 30-40 kgs $482.00 $409.70
Spey dog >40kg $517.00 $439.45
Spey dog – extra if pregnant/in season $90.00 $76.50
Castrate rabbit/guinea pig $290.00 $246.50
Spey rabbit/guinea pig $335.00 $284.75