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Pay my Bill

Please always include your customer ID number as a reference to ensure your payment is allocated correctly.  Your customer ID can be found on the top right-hand side of any Lort Smith statement.


We are not-for-profit and our fees help to support our mission. We care for the pets of all Melburnians and Victorians.

Our veterinary practitioners work with you to provide a range of options for your consideration. We ask you to clearly communicate any financial limits to your veterinary practitioner and ensure you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

Payment Options

Payment is due in full at the time of discharge, for all patients. Lort Smith offers the following financial options to help you get the care your pet needs. Unexpected veterinary costs can be stressful. We encourage you look at the options available prior to your appointment.

  1. EFTPOS, Cash or Cheque
  2. Electronic funds transfer to our bank account
  3. Credit Card or PayPal (click here to pay online)
  4. Centre Pay Advance Payment (how to apply)
  5. Pet Insurance
  6. GapOnly® Payments
  7. No Interest Loans – Bendigo Family and Financial Services (03) 5441 5277
  8. Accepted Buy Now Pay Later providers:

Payment and Admission Terms

Payment is required in-full at the time of discharge.

For hospital inpatient admissions, a deposit is required prior to admission with the balance due in full on discharge.

An admission deposit is standard practice and is required before any animal can be admitted and associated treatment started. The admission deposit is calculated based on the high end of the treatment estimate provided by your veterinary practitioner.

During a hospital admission, the outstanding balance, after deposit, can not exceed $2,000.

For dental admissions, at time of booking, a reservation fee of $150 is also required. A refund or credit toward a future appointment is available for cancellations or reschedules 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

Pet Insurance

We accept payments from pet insurance providers. If you have insurance and wish to make a claim, please have your provider’s name and your policy number handy. You will need to provide this to our Customer Services Team before your appointment to avoid processing delays.

If we are unable to process your claim at the point of payment, you will need to pay in full. We will provide you with the documentation required for you to process the claim directly with your provider.

GapOnly® Payments

We are a GapOnly® vet partner.   This means if you have pet insurance with a GapOnly® Insurance Partner, you may be able to claim your benefit at the time of payment. Please note that claims via GapOnly® can only be made within the GapOnly® business hours.

If your pet insurance provider is a GapOnly® partner, let our Customer Services Team know at check-in to minimise potential processing delays. Visit to find out more.

No Interest Loan Options – Bendigo Family and Financial Services

Lort Smith have partnered with Bendigo Family and Financial Services (BFFS) who provide No Interest Loans to eligible Lort Smith customers.

You can contact them directly on (03) 5441 5277 or ask one of our team members to make an enquiry on your behalf.

It is recommended that enquiries are submitted prior to seeing a veterinary practitioner, where possible.

Please note that when Lort Smith submits an enquiry on your behalf, we provide your information to BFFS for the purpose of applying for a No Interest Loan for veterinary services. If you loan is approved BFFS with make payment for veterinary services directly to Lort Smith.

For further information:

Visit the Bendigo Family and Financial Services website or read the No Interest Loans brochure.

Buy Now Pay Later

If you are interested in a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option, we recommend you consider your options before your appointment. We can currently accept payments provided by Humm, Zip Pay and Afterpay.

To find out more about Humm click here.

To find out more about Zip Pay click here.

To find out more about Afterpay click here.

Need Help Navigating Options?

It’s vitally important that you let your veterinary practitioners know at the beginning of an appointment if you have a limited budget, to ensure you understand the costs and risks associated with each treatment option.

When you phone or check-in at reception, please ask to speak to one of our dedicated team members if you require assistance in navigating care and payment options.


At Lort Smith we believe every animal deserves a good quality of life which means keeping our general vet fees among the lowest in Victoria.

We offer a 15% discount on veterinary services* for Health Care and Pension Card holders.

* Excludes microchips, medication, food, and consumable products.

Consult Fees

Prices are listed below and vary based on the day of the week and length of the consult. Health Care and Pension Card holders are entitled to discounted consult fees, but the card must be produced at each visit, and no backdating of discounts can be applied.

Standard consultations are approximately 15 minutes. These are straightforward appointments, e.g. teeth checks, and single problems.
Complex consultations are approximately 30 minutes. These are for more complex issues, e.g. multiple problems, elderly animals, and ear problems.

We cannot give quotes over the phone for x-rays, dental, CT scans, and other medical procedures. Second opinion (30 min) and Dental estimate consults (15 min) are appointments before booking these procedures.

Consultations by appointment Standard Health Care/Pension Card
Standard $87.00 $73.95
Complex $148.00 $125.80
Revisit standard $69.00 $58.65
Revisit complex $118.00 $100.30
Dental estimate consult $87.00 $73.95
Second opinion consult $148.00 $125.80
Standard $105.00 $89.25
Complex $179.00 $152.15
Revisit standard $84.00 $71.40
Revisit complex $141.00 $119.85
Dental estimate consult $105.00 $89.25
Second opinion consult $179.00 $152.15
Emergency consultations Standard Health Care/Pension Card
Emergency consult $185.00 $157.25
Emergency revisit $110.00 $93.50

Desexing fees

All desexing fees include a buster collar and pain relief.

Desexing Standard Health Care/Pension Card
Castrate cat $173.00 $147.05
Spey cat $268.00 $227.80
Castrate dog $359.00 $305.15
Spey dog <10kg $383.00 $325.55
Spey dog 10-20kg $413.00 $351.05
Spey dog 20-30kg $451.00 $383.35
Spey dog 30-40 kgs $533.00 $453.05
Spey dog >40kg $571.00 $485.35
Spey dog – extra if pregnant/in season $100.00 $85.00
Castrate rabbit/guinea pig $321.00 $272.85
Spey rabbit/guinea pig $370.00 $314.50